Digital process


It is the turnkey solution provided by 2MARES which allows the standardization of your work processes and the optimization of Contact Center performance.


Collaborative tool which helps in the corporative processes standardization, knowledge management and good practices. Facilitate the collaborative design of processes, the continuous improvement and the quality assurance in an unique and integrated repository which is 100 % compatible with the current infrastructure of your Contact Center. Once and for all forget about paper, Excel sheets and email inefficiency.



2MARES performance module normalizes business metrics between organizational entities, systems and services. Facilitate to your organization control panels and scorecards at employee, team and organizational area level. Help your organization to know in real time the operation status through alarms and reports. Thus, your team could act in a proactive way and anticipate achieving objectives.



Complete the current infrastructure of your Contact Center adding call and/or screen recording and connecting it with the rest of channels that take part into the ticket management (email, social networks, chat, BackOffice…). Whether you need selective recording or normative compliance (PCI-DSS, laws on protection of personal data such as LOPD, LeySAC, etc.), Interaction Recorder module is turnkey integrated into your TDM, IP o SIP infrastructure.



Encourage the creation of a workspace and work environment that enhance the efficiency of your employees. Thanks to our tool, you could deploy innovative processes that boost your employees’ skills, having a direct impact on the satisfaction of your clients. Due to the market variations, our tool works completely in a digital environment to suit simple and quickly to those changes.


Digital Process

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