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  • 2016-2021

    The Future

    After 25 years of life and experiences, 2MARES enters a new stage 2022-23 focused on the internationalization and the development of the aspects that have made this company different to others: firstly, manufacturing high quality software without reliance on third parties and secondly, closeness and strategical guidance.

  • 2009-2015

    Process optimization and open innovation

    In 2009, the strategy transformation of 2MARES into a manufacturer of software technology for processes optimization occurred. 2MARES software factory obtains USA CMMIn3 certification and its R+D projects won the ICT2009 in Brussels and the StartUp Games 2012 in London. Thanks of those recognitions; 2MARES penetrated the Contact Center market and received some industry honors such as CRC and Platinum Contact Center Awards.

  • 1996-2008

    Manufacturing communication software

    After this initial stage, 2MARES born in 1996 with the innovation in its DNA and its founders’ dream of being competitive at global level with their own communication technology, made in Spain and without reliance on others. Manufacturers such as Alcatel or Ericsson approved and distributed auto attendant products, IVR, ACD, CTI and call recorders in Spain. 2MARES entered the financial sector and the emerging sector of Contact Center.

  • 1989-1995

    Innovation, the seed of 2MARES

    At the late 1980s the seed was sown of what today is 2MARES, initially targeting its business model to communication sector and pioneering the sector liberalization in its time. After several years’ experience, the company shifted to software manufacturing. Initial projects with Inditex, Banco Pastor and Vigo Free Zone arose, being pioneers in Spain of what would become the Unified Communications market.