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Solutions for BRANDS

Nowadays companies develop their work in a constantly changing environment. These variations are produced with ever-greater rapidity, increasing the need of companies to have tools that facilitate their adaptation to those changes and solve their daily problems.
2MARES is the perfect ally for companies in adapting to changes, standardize processes, and manage and enhance corporative quality. This is due to the fact that 2MARES add analytic, collaboration, adaption and process optimization capability to the Digital Client.


The management of large amount of data and information is one of the biggest challenges that this industry is facing nowadays. 2MARES adds required data analysis and management to define strategies and decision making.

Banking and Insurance

Compliance and process monitoring acquire particular importance in banking and insurance sector, given their legal implications. The use of 2MARES tool facilitates process standardization and compliance monitoring.

Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities business handle a large amount of data, not only of their customers but also of their companies. Thanks to the capabilities provided by 2MARES products, it will be easier to properly protect customer data and extract information to analyze and make decisions with it.


Day to day relationships with clients are a key element  to build lasting collaborations, based on trust and customer satisfaction. Using 2MARES tool it will be easier to manage different communication channels with clients, ensuring their total satisfaction.

Tourism and Transport

Customer loyalty and the fulfillment of their expectations are vitally important to achieve satisfied clients, willing to repeat their experience with the brand. 2MARES provides adequate tools to manage customer relationships, ensuring that quality standards are met and processes are monitored.

Consumer Goods

In a constantly changing market in where new products are continuously, it is essential for companies know about the needs of their current and potential customers. Controlling communications with the client to identify its needs and following a procedure to incorporate those into its product will be easier 2MARES tool.

Healthcare and Pharmacy

In healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, a proper customer service and the privacy of information processing are extremely important. 2MARES integrates with the current company systems, providing to them the necessary infrastructure to manage data and comply with current regulations, but without forgetting patient’s care and satisfaction.


Nowadays there are different ways of teaching and communicating with students. Thanks to the management of the different communication tools that 2MARES can help with, is possible to reach the highest quality standards, without losing the focus on customer care and the compliance with legal requirements.